The cake that disappeared – Berries and cream crumble

Mixed Berries and Cream Crumble

So I’ve been not posting for a while. And I’ve been cooking like crazy! I know, it’s not right. But I just haven’t had the time to be organized and write the recipes for the stuff I’ve been doing. (Not to mention a couple failures like uncooked cannelloni of which we ate only the filling after they’d been in the oven for hours. Shame.) But not to worry, I’m back with a killer recipe. This weekend was my sister’s birthday, and we had a lovely dinner party. This crumble was the dessert in a menu of shrimp dumplings, rib eye in caramelised shallots, green beans, sticky jasmine rice and oven-cooked baby portobellos. It was a lovely dinner with incredibly fun guests, but whom I loved all the more because they ate absolutely everything and even came into the kitchen to ask for seconds. But the one that was really complimented was the crumble cake, which after having extinguished it’s happy birthday song and candle was left for a few seconds in my sister’s hands to be cut and served while I took a  few pics. When I put down the camera, it had pulled a disappearing act and not a crumb of the crumble was left! (I did get to try it of someone else’s plate though, and I got to see why, If I may leave all modesty apart). As far as cakes go, it’s incredibly easy to make. And I’m guessing with a side of vanilla ice-cream, pretty close to going into several favorite dessert lists. On to the recipe?

Crumble base

Strawberries chopped

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Dangerous Apple Cake

Dangerous Apple Cake

Over my years of baking sweet stuff (’cause let’s face it, I could eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner) I’ve come to find that, as a general rule, women love anything made of chocolate, and while men have a not-so-sweet tooth, almost all of them love apple pie. I fit into this rule, I adore chocolate in any of its presentations, I even eat the stuff I use for baking in chunks when the craving hits and there’s nothing else. And in the apple pie department, I like it, but I rarely order it off a menu. This cake, on the other hand, is guaranteed to be loved (read: devoured) by both boys and girls – Proof enough of this is that after I baked two and took one to an afternoon of coffee with three of my previously mentioned very thin and permanently on a diet girlfriends, none of it remained. Yup, three girls ate a whole cake, because as one of them accurately put it – “You shouldn’t have made this. This is an orgasm in my mouth” – of which you clearly cannot get enough of.

The recipe is a slight adaptation from the wonderful Deb at Smitten Kitchen, with a few minor adjustments, basically the shape and layering.

Apples in cinnamon and sugar  Batter 

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