Comeback – Super quick artichoke cheese pull apart bread

artichoke parmesan pull apart bread

Let me start by saying that I’m sorry that I’ve disappeared again…I have been crazy busy with work and have had zero time to post ūüė¶ but I’m back with a recipe that will definitely make up for the absence….not only is it quick and easy, (30 minute dough!!) it is beyond delicious and it’s the perfect thing to bring to a luncheon or dinner party. Pull apart bread is, by nature, the ultimate treat for sharing! And this savoury version, stuffed with artichokes and cheese, is moist and full of flavour. Just make sure you don’t eat all of it in one go or you won’t have any space leftover for actual lunch! This recipe pairs extremely well with a glass of chilled dry white wine, so it’s also perfect for snacking on while sipping a glass with friends. Interested? Read more for the recipe!

artichoke parmesan pull apart bread

artichoke parmesan pull apart bread

artichoke parmesan pull apart bread

Artichoke and cheese pull-apart bread
The recipe for the dough comes from the awesome blog 12tomatoes, I only modified it a bit. The filling is my own creation. Feel free to adapt the herbs to whatever you have around!

for the dough:

2  1/2-3 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup lukewarm milk
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoons active dry yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt

for the filling:

1 cup grated cheese; it can be a mix of cheeses, parmesan, or your favourite
1  1/2 cup canned artichoke hearts, drained and finely diced
2 heaping tbsp chives, finely diced
2 heaping tbsp parsley or cilantro, finely diced
1 tbsp garlic powder
3 tsbp olive oil
1 tsp salt


Preheat the oven to 350¬ļF. Grease generously a rectangular bread loaf pan or mold.

In a small bowl or glass, combine 1/2 cup warm water with yeast and sugar. Stir together and let rest 5-10 minutes, or until frothy. Note: if mixture is not bubbly, discard and start again.

In the bowl of your standing mixer fitted with the hook attachment, combine 2 cups flour with yeast mixture, remaining water, olive oil and salt, and mix together on low speed until a shaggy dough forms. Gradually continue adding flour until dough is smooth, then increase the speed to medium and mix until the dough becomes slightly firm to the touch and is no longer easily sticky. (about 3 mins).
Let the dough rest for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine all the ingredients for the filling in a bowl and set aside.

Once the dough has rested, transfer it to a floured work surface and using a rolling pin roll it out to form a large square (see picture above) about 1/2 cm thick. Spread the filling evenly over the rectangle and then cut into square pieces, trying to match the width¬†to the size of your baking pan. Stack the squares one on top of the other and then inside the mold working in small batches, and then¬†flip the very last one so that it’s filling to filling (as opposed to dough to filling) and both ends of the loaf are clean dough.

Bake until golden brown, transfer to a wire rack to cool slightly before eating. Ideally, serve warm.


Questions or comments? Feel free to leave one below!


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