No more Christmas – Fried rice with quail eggs over bok choy leaves

Fried rice with quail eggs, rib eye and bok choy

I’m back from the holidays! I know I left without any warning, but I figured everyone would be eating so much anyway that the internet could do without one more food blogger for a month. I’ve been cooking like crazy though, and since I didn’t actually have a proper holiday, I had quite a bit of time on my hands to think up new things to simmer, bake, reduce, fry and chop. I’ll start today with a not-very-holidayesque recipe, but still quite delicious and apt for all those who are sick of having leftovers, as is my case. This mainly because in my house we have a yet to be diagnosed kitchen disorder which prevents us from cooking anything in small, appropriate amounts, leaving us with enough to go around for a week. And so our Christmas turkeys (in Mexican tradition we have turkey for Christmas dinner) become staple diet until sometime in January. Not that I’m complaining, it’s only once a year, and hey, I got to make my own turkey this year (and it was scary. I never thought weight mattered, but when you’re facing a naked empty 23 pound animal all sorts of things can go wrong) which turned out delicious, if I do say so myself.
Enough Christmas rambling, I intended to write a post sans the holiday references, but failed. So I’ll get on to today’s recipe: Fried rice with rib-eye and quail eggs over bok choy leaves. No need for further description, it is every bit as delicious as it sounds. Read more for the recipe. (And make it even though it takes quite a bit of chopping! its worth it!)

Carrots, bok choy, mushrooms, garlicBoiling the rice

Carrot brunoiseZucchini brunoise

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Nervous dinner – seared tuna, skewered everything else

So friday night I faced the task of putting together a whole dinner after having something of a mini-nervous-attack, which was not in the slightest related to my kitchen, cooking, or anything similar, but to other more troublesome situations of life, but which nonetheless left me with a bad case of shaking hands at around 6 pm; dinner was supposed to be served at 8:30 and I had in front of me a huge pile of vegetables to slice, raw tuna to turn into cubes and a bunch of sauces to prepare. After a well chilled glass of Martin Codax albariƱo though, my hands found half of their steadiness and so off I set preparing sauces. Due to the lack of time, I did not make recipes out of any of these (Because who has time to measure, photograph, slice, dice, skewer, write down *and* be calm and collected?) but I’ll share with you the menu and a few of the shots I did manage to take. If you’re interested in any of the dishes let me know and I’ll gladly explain how to make it!

The tuna chalupitas (which are a sort of mini toasted tortilla) with a spicy and sweet soy sauce dressing:
(Excuse my picture, it was taken after most of them were gone. Oh, and I must add thanks to my previous photography helper friend @danmijares)

raw tuna cubes

seared tuna cubes with spicy soy sauce

The baked potatoes, which were served with a cream-cheese, chives and heavy cream sauce:

Herbes de provence

Baked potatoes

And the skewered and grilled chicken, meat, eggplants, mushrooms, asparagus, and baby onions, served with a sweet and sour asian-y sauce: