Petitedecadence, meaning tiny decadence, is where I rant about my cooking adventures. (I know, only a foodie calls adventurous the time spent in a kitchen) I’m passionate about anything that can be concocted in that little room that’s actually a slice of heaven, from chocolate cakes to gravlax and rabbit. Without forgetting cookies, of course.

The pictures on the site are taken by me (unless otherwise specified) with my lovely SONY NEX-3, which I looooove. All the pictures are available in high-res, contact me or leave a comment if you want one.

Oh, and some things about the recipes:

  • I never use baking or cooking times. Most ovens have different temperatures and cooking “quirks” Instead I go by sight.
  • Most of my baking recipes are high on flour because I live in Mexico city, at very high altitude. If you find that something is too dry, reduce the amount of flour.
  • If you have any improvements or modifications, please do share!



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