Ultra yummy – Ultra protein kale and portobello soup

Kale portobello protein soup

Even though I’ve been MIA for a while, I’ve been cooking tons. I’ve just been really busy and haven’t found a way to be a quick efficient cook who also jots down everything as she goes along. And then I keep forgetting the recipes for everything I make, mainly because I don’t usually don’t do recipes, I just throw stuff together and hope for the best. Unless I’m coming to post something here of course. Which is the case with this yummy, healthy soup. (And about time I posted something healthy, too. I just browsed my latest posts and it’s all sugar or bread or cookies…. *not ashamed*) But more on the subject of the soup; it’s filling, nutritious and super yummy. And not only that, its absolutely brimming with protein and flavor. Which means that you can have it as your sole course for lunch or dinner. To me it also means that whenever I don’t want to actually cook (now I am ashamed. Its true, sometimes, some rare times, I don’t want to cook) and I have this soup in the fridge….all my problems are solved! Because I can go for a two hour workout and have it for dinner and get everything I need in one bowl. (A particularly nice feeling when you can’t move your arms from lifting but you’re also craving something delicious, trust me)
This soup is made from moyashi, (soybean sprouts) kale, portobello mushrooms and chicken. But the veggies all by themselves pack a huge punch, so if you want to skip the chicken and make it vegan, it’s also a great option! (you dont even need chicken stock, the mushrooms will do that for you). Aaaaaand the cherry on top of the cake? It takes less than half an hour to make! Interested yet?

Ultra protein soup
(Own recipe)

2 large scallions, with green shoots
2 large portobello mushrooms, diced in large cubes
2 cups soybean sprouts
2 bunches very roughly chopped kale
1 1/2 cups shredded chicken breast
Vegetable oil

Sesame seeds for seasoning
Lemons for serving

Separate the green shoots from the white part of the scallions. Very finely dice both parts but keep them separate.
In a medium pot, place 2L water and bring to a boil.
While the water comes to a boil, heat a generous dash of oil in a large pot over high heat. Add the white part of the scallions and sautée until they start to golden. Add the portobellos and keep cooking until they also begin to brown. Add the soybean sprouts and the green part of the scallions. Cover them with the water you prepared. Turn the heat to medium, add the kale and season with salt right away. Let boil for 10 minutes, add the shredded chicken and simmer for another 5-10. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Serve with lemon, and if you like spicy, a bit of sriracha.

Kale and portobello protein soup


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