As if you needed excuses – French toast donuts

French Toast Baked donuts

So maybe you’re one of those people that frowns upon having cake for breakfast. (Although I doubt it, since you’re browsing a blog with food pictures with something about decadence in the title) If that is the case, don’t leave yet! I have the perfect excuse to have donuts for breakfast. That’s right, you can now indulge in those tiny glazed treats before 9 am, because how could you not? They’re french toast flavored. And since french toast is a universally approved breakfast food, I think my argument is won.
And if you’re not convinced I can just tell you how incredibly well these go with a quick espresso. Which is basically taking a to-go breakfast from you coffee house chain (*cough*starbucks*cough*) to the homemade goodness level. Because we’re talking baked donuts, (not fried!) maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon and a double glaze. With a tad of cream, in case you were missing that from your complete breakfast. Fluffy and morning like, they’re also the perfect treat to bring to your office in case you’re incredibly late. Because you were glazing donuts, maybe. But no one will get angry if you offer them one of these.  Right? Read more for the recipe.

Baked french toast donuts
(Own recipe)

1 cup flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup greek yogurt
2 tbsp canola oil
1/2 cup buttermilk
3 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp maple syrup
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
Pinch of salt

Glaze 1
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp milk
1 tsp cinnamon
Icing sugar

Glaze 2
1/3 cup cream
1-2 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
Icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Lightly grease a standard donut pan. Sift together the dry ingredients in a small bowl. In the bowl of your mixer with the whisk attachment, mix the remaining ingredients on med speed for about 1 minute. Slowly incorporate the dry ingredients until just evenly combined (no lumps but don’t overmix). Pour the batter into the donut pan 2/3 of the way. Bake until golden brown. Set on a wire rack to cool for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare the first glaze; mix the maple syrup with the milk and add the cinnamon. Add icing sugar until you get a very very runny glaze. Dip the donuts in it, soaking them completely and then hold them over the bowl until they drip all the excess. Set back on the wire rack and let set at least 30 minutes.
Prepare the second glaze; Mix the cream with 1 tbsp milk and vanilla. Add enough icing sugar to get a thick glaze (If you hold some up on a spoon the drops should fall thickly and slowly). Using a spoon, drizzle over the donuts. Let set. Or not! just eat the donuts 🙂

Optionally, you can microplane some chocolate over the donuts for decoration. I used white but dark also works.

French toast donuts 2


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