Did you say summer? – Almond milk oatmeal and other detox recipes

Almond milk oatmeal

I know, I’m shameless to show my face around here after over a month of sudden unexplained disappearance, but it was summer! Which means I did nothing productive or worth mentioning for the last month except lounging around, gossiping with friends and eating and drinking. And boy did we eat. And did we drink. And did we not do any physical activity! And now it has all taken it’s toll on me, since on Monday I woke up feeling as if small balls of play doh were running through my veins. But fear not, detox week came to the rescue! And since I can’t cook and share with you anything fancy for my return, I’ll gladly share a couple of my recipes here! (And when I say detox, I don’t mean starve yourself while you drink nothing but cayenne water and pepper, lose 15 pounds in two days and then gain 30 back in one week. Oh no. I don’t do that. What I mean by detox is more in the line of eat insanely healthy and give your body a rest of processing greasy/hard to digest/non-natural foods)

A couple of days of fruit smoothies and juices, (with soy/almond milk) then add oats and nuts and eventually vegetables (about the 4th day) and then gradually move back to your normal diet by eating small portions of fish, rice and goat cheese (since it’s easier to digest). Totally worth doing this, plus, if you’ve got good fruits it’s also delicious! (Like the almond milk oatmeal which is so good it has officially replaced my standard oatmeal) Read more for the recipes.

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