Retrouver l’equilibre

I’m at a point in life where everything is uncertain; the future looks scary. And this is the first time this has ever happened, because I’ve never been one to worry about the future. I’ve always believed that life gives us what we need just at the right moment and in the right amount; never more and never less. And I’ve always believed that this is the perfect way of things, the flow of life. But in the chaos that has been my life lately, I’d forgotten about all of this. And it’s not forgetting something like a fact, you know, like “I forgot the capital of Russia”, but more of a “I forgot what it feels like to know what the capital of Russia is”. And so today, after a week of feeling like a yo-yo underwater, I’m remembering that feeling. I’m placing my faith back where it belongs; in life. It’s not an easy feat, that’s for sure, but as everything else in life, it takes time, it takes dedication. As the french would say, Retrouver l’equilibre. So here is, growing along with me, and in this re-found feeling, the herb garden I’d been planning to make for some time now. Because nothing needs balance in life like taking care of someone or something, even if it’s just a small basil plant!

Herb Garden

A balancing process:

(I could eat paint. It makes me so happy)

So. Soon to come a salad recipe born from all this? For sure. And chicken with rosemary and potatoes with oregano.