Tiny Dinner – Baby burgers with caramelised onions

Tiny Burgers

This weekend I ate waaay too much. It all started with Friday night dinner, to which none of my friends confirmed in time except for a couple, leaving me with that old question, “How much am I supposed to cook??” I had in mind an oven-roasted chicken with mushrooms and potatoes, but if I made that and only two showed up then who was supposed to eat all the rest? And so baby burgers came to the rescue! If I made too much (which indeed I did) I could just store the meat for the day after. Which brings me back to why I ate so much this weekend. Yeah, of course I had leftover burgers for lunch on Saturday! I know, two days in a row? But they’re just so cute and delicious that you would have done the same.

Tiny burger

See? They’re too cute. Anyway, they’re actually rather easy to make, you just have to be organized with your timing. I served mine with small salad bowls and oven-baked french fries. (which I’m sure don’t qualify as french fries ’cause they’re not fried?). The result was platters with the small burgers, small salads, and also small servings of the fries, letting everyone have as much as they wanted. Don’t let the tiny cuteness fool you though, as is often the case with small food, you’ll son be more full than you expected! Read more for the recipe!


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Wawi – Amaranth fish sticks over broccoli salad

Amaranth Fish sticks over sauteed broccoli salad

Wawi – Isn’t that a cute word? It is what the huichol or Wixarikas, the indigenous people of western central Mexico, call this lovely grain. It is my favorite to croute things in. This plant, of a sacred quality to the prehispanic peoples of Mexico, can endure drought, thus providing them with food even when corn died due to lack of water. Through a long process, they managed to produce an abundance of the white seeds, and then “pop” the result into those little grains, which make them easier to digest and easier to get at all the proteins.

Now imagine fish sticks coated in this delicious grain, which not only absorbs less fat when frying, it’s also incredibly rich in flavor and nutrients, such as A, B, C, B1, B2, B3 vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and folic acid. It contains much more protein than other cereals; twice as much as rice, and over 70% more than wheat. And imagine those fish stick sitting on top of a delicious broccoli, wilted arugula, and goat cheese salad. Sounds delicious and  nutritious? On to the recipe then (It’s quick and easy, too!):

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Blue cheese and onion souffle – Homemade Crackers

Today I spent most of the morning sitting in traffic. This is not a remarkable thing in Mexico City, I know. But it doesn’t happen all that often to me, I try to stay away from known problem areas and rush hours. And yet today…the reason was so crazy that I shall let the pictures speak for themselves:

See that bus? It’s driver chose to go, all the way from the leftmost lane, to that side street. Which is under construction. Meaning about 1 car per hour goes through it. And so we waited, me thouroughly amused by the fact that these things actually happen in this city, for about 20 minutes (I am not exaggerating) until there was enough space on the side street for the bus to let us pass. But don’t think that was it! See that white building? That’s the way home. But as I pass the Oh-I-So-Not-Care bus and approach that glorious traffic-free path homeward…behold:

Oh yes. It’s stuck. And I’m behind it. This truck took about 10 minutes to get itself out of the jam it was in. And meanwhile, I have a huge line of cars behind me, honking, of course, because that apparently helps the truck slim down and fit better wherever it’s attempting to get itself into. Sigh. But all this chaos just gave me a horrible urge to get the groceries home and make something to eat with the homemade crackers I’d prepared yesterday. (Recipe in the next post, promise). So here it is; Red onion and blue cheese souffle!

Which together with a simple green and tomato salad totally made me forget I live in Mexico City.

On to the recipe?

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Soft cheese – basil bread

Soft Cheese Basil Bread - Sandwich Loaf
So typically I went to the supermarket and bought TONS of basil with the idea that I was going to make pesto to mix with a huge roll of goat cheese that’s been sitting in my fridge and top it with roasted cherry tomatoes – sounds good, I know! – only to forget for the following five days to buy any pinenuts or cherry tomatoes and find the goat cheese mostly gone into eggs and sandwiches. So I turned this absolutely great recipe from Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day into a cheese-basil bread, hence giving a great use to my soon-to-rot basil. The original recipe is a delicious alternative with onions baked inside the dough and rolled with cheese. Delicious. But this time I added the cheese inside as well,  skipped the onions and added the basil. The result is a delicious looking, mildly flavored bread which is great for sandwiches, or as rolls to accompany a meal. Recipe after the jump.

Dough after first rise

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