Dangerous Apple Cake

Dangerous Apple Cake

Over my years of baking sweet stuff (’cause let’s face it, I could eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner) I’ve come to find that, as a general rule, women love anything made of chocolate, and while men have a not-so-sweet tooth, almost all of them love apple pie. I fit into this rule, I adore chocolate in any of its presentations, I even eat the stuff I use for baking in chunks when the craving hits and there’s nothing else. And in the apple pie department, I like it, but I rarely order it off a menu. This cake, on the other hand, is guaranteed to be loved (read: devoured) by both boys and girls – Proof enough of this is that after I baked two and took one to an afternoon of coffee with three of my previously mentioned very thin and permanently on a diet girlfriends, none of it remained. Yup, three girls ate a whole cake, because as one of them accurately put it – “You shouldn’t have made this. This is an orgasm in my mouth” – of which you clearly cannot get enough of.

The recipe is a slight adaptation from the wonderful Deb at Smitten Kitchen, with a few minor adjustments, basically the shape and layering.

Apples in cinnamon and sugar  Batter 

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